Part of the trip to Young involves the cleaning out of the company storage shed. When you think storage shed you picture old filing cabinets and fax machines……but no! This storage shed is floor to ceiling dirt! Bags and bags and bags of bags of dirt inside bags! Dirt in all colours…..red, cream, green…..sparkly dirt, powdery dirt, clingy dirt! It was like dirt heaven! …..until we had to start moving it. Then it wasn’t so nice to be around. Each bulka bag contained up to 30 plastic sample bags of dirt, each sample bag weighing up to 20kg. Which means the bulka bags weigh a HUGE amount! And there are hundreds of these bulka bags, all needing to be catalogued, moved and inventoried. Now I am a highly organised person, who actually enjoys creating and maintaining a well organised and respectable existence! But even my anal retentive side began to shrivel somewhat at the magnitude of this inventory! Still, there’s no rest for the wicked, so today began a day of itemising and cataloguing. Having dragged along my handy field hands (aka. my son and his best friend) it came in mighty handy to have a fieldy with a fork […]


After a long break from field work due to a broken foot sustained by falling into a hole (oh the irony!) – the hole being dug by a certain Golden Retriever that I swear was laughing while watching me fall down said hole……anyways…….after a FOUR MONTH break from fieldwork, this Girl In Love With Rocks was very excited to be invited along as an Assistant Geologist for a drilling program in Young, NSW. Don’t we look excited?! Yes the dynamic duo of the Long Suffering Mentor and myself began our trek to Young at the crack of dawn! A long drive of excited chatting, educational inserts and lots of laughter……it made an eight hour drive go by remarkably fast! I must say, we live in a truly beautiful country, and travelling along the Hume Highway delivered magical scenery of rolling hills, the Great Dividing Range, and valleys of such lush green paddocks – it all seemed like something out of a picture book! To think millions of years ago this area was under water and being carved by huge amounts of moving rivers. It’s just extreme! It always gives me a buzz crossing the mighty Murray River which is the […]