Australia Day, 26th January 2023

I have hit the ground running! What have I done that has really brought me joy. What has really floated my boat! What has stopped me in my tracks and made me really think about the story behind a scenario. What mysteries remain unsolved. Where would my skills and passions best be used. Where could I be the most help? Lancefield…… I love Lancefield! I love the mystery surrounding the swamp. I love the memories I have of digging in this swamp and finding evidence of the Megafauna that once grazed our rugged landscape around 80,000 years ago! The mystery still remains…… what caused this huge deposit of fossils of these giant animals to be located in a concentrated area in Lancefield. Was it a catastrophic environmental event? Was it something else? It’s like a Sherlock Holmes mystery. There is work to be done, Watson!!! In 2016 we embarked on a digging program to unearth more of these mysteries. Unfortunately, since that time, bags and bags and bags of dirt remain waiting to be sieved, picked, identified and catalogued. It’s been 7 years and I need to remember all the details behind these mysteries, as well as all the geology […]

Fast Forward to January, 2023

…it ended abruptly! I won’t say it was easy. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve pushed four babies out of myself! The decision to leave the drilling program in 2018 was sudden and stressful. I quit the job, the university degree and I almost allowed it to change me totally. It only takes a few really awful, horrible people to make you start to question your validity, your knowledge, your passion, your very essence. And it’s unfortunate these very few people seem to deafen you to the really, really great people….. So without any details, it was awful. But I survived! Then our world was thrown into a pandemic. I would question if anyone has not changed in some way during the last three years. We are all scarred in some way, altered, our view on life constantly threatened and the importance what we hold dear┬áhas been questioned. What was once important and vital is put on hold, some dreams never to be looked upon again. But humans are resilient and with a lot of help and support from each other we find a new normal amidst the new year. I am no where close to […]