But I am having so much fun! Today upon arriving at the drill site after having to stop for Cranberry Juice and Ural (don’t ask – it happens to me in the field all the time!), I immediately located a potential free-pee tree…..but as I got closer it kind of lost points in the rating……you can see why!


Yeah…..I think that’s a dead cat – but it looks like it kinda just fell out of the tree and got stuck! It had me entranced for a while…..and then I had to choose another free-pee spot. Thank goodness for the delightful Alfy who recommended an excellent spot – which so far has been the best – I would give it 10 out of 10 as it had a particularly comfortable branch to squat on!

Anyways! Back to work! Today was a hard day’s drilling. We managed 3 holes and two of them involved potential asbestos. The call to don the “Sperm” suits was made by the delightful Alfy. Full protective gear was necessary which involved a wonderful onesie that pulled at the crotch like you wouldn’t believe, masks, glasses and gloves. The onesie has a hoodie which needs to go UNDER your hard hat. It involves an itemised and structured order of donning……onesie (footsie over boots), mask on, hoodie up, hard hat on, safety glasses over the mask – and then gloves……

The final result was the following…..


We looked like Teletubbies…..


So after making the effort to be WorkSafe (safety first!)…..the drill then blocked up on the bloody bedrock……and so we all proceeded to fall asleep…..in full protective gear! And then I started getting stiff…..so I started stretching…..


Honestly it looked like a nuclear holocaust site…….!

Anyways, we managed to get some drill logs recorded without contamination from potentially deadly substances, and after all the excitement, the weather began to roll in providing some beautiful colour changes to the sky.


Today was a good day…….! I’ll leave you with a photo of me being a real geologist! I get distracted by the samples, especially after I have washed them. I like to get up close and personal with the hand lens, and sometimes it appears as though I’m about to jump in the sieve! I’m having the BEST time!


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