Day One – Young Drilling Program February 2018

Another road trip to Young – this time for longer than one night, and we left at a more godly hour of 8am which meant LSM was verbal and not grunting. My ever faithful Dad came to meet us to help us attach our latest acquisition – a u-beaut double axle trailer WITH cage – oh yes! She’s beautiful. And I have named her Loretta.

LSM being a little nervous about towing a double axle trailer through Melbourne traffic chose to take us the scenic route to Young, which may have added a few hours to our travel time, but didn’t fail to impress me with it’s gorgeous scenery, all the way through Benalla. Beautiful granite outcrops, and again I had not bought Lucille!




Oh man! I was itching to stop but knowing that we would be leaving the truck and the trailer at Young for the duration of the Drilling Program, we would be catching the train home, so no rock collecting for me this trip!

Having eventually arrived at Young, we began frantically forming lists of all the things that needed to be done before the drillers arrived tomorrow. A few new toys were brought along, one being a snake bite kit which I couldn’t help but have a fiddle with. I mean, I really hope no one does get bitten by a snake, but is it bad that if someone does get bitten that I really hope I am there to try this baby out?


Meeting up with Brian (New Long Suffering Mentor) and Geologist, Blake (who is my new best friend as he likes all the things I like – as we found out chatting over my veggie pasta!), a plan was formulated and then sleep was enjoyed once we checked into our faithful home away from home – The Townhouse Motor Inn, Young, NSW!

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