It’s cold – it is so fricking cold that even the frost flakes are cold! A start of -2.7 degrees Celcius (it would stick a dog to a tree or so my Dear Old Dad would say!) meant that I wore every single layer that I bought with me to the shed this morning, walking through Young looking like a Michelin Man with the locals looking at me with brief disdain! My brain must have frozen a bit because I couldn’t think straight until after my fourth cup of tea. There was frost on EVERYTHING! On the ground, the car, the clothesline, my bags of dirt!







































So today was spent sorting big, big bulka bags of dirt, trying to make space, checking and rechecking codes against the magical list of dirt to keep and dirt to throw away, and creating more of a semblance of organisation from anarchy. We kinda feel like we are making a bit of progress – if I had more time I could make this warehouse really schmick, but time is getting away from us so my dream of having dirt bags in numerical order and code is not achievable in my time constraints as drilling starts on Tuesday. Instead I will have to settle for a nicely charted site map with approximate locations of where things are. I have a list of bags I have to find for sampling which means tomorrow I am going to be arse up in bulka bags sorting through 30-40 bags of dirt trying to find the right hole location to get dirt out of! Fun!


After a morning spent piffing bulka bags, we finally found the shelving section at the back of the warehouse containing chip trays, pulp bags and equipment we will need for the drilling program.  I will explain and post more photos tomorrow as to what these are, but the afternoon was spent moving everything, reorganising and cataloguing, and throwing out anything broken, unnecessary or stupid. Which reminds me I need to hire a big skip……

Tomorrow will be spent at the shed again doing a final sort. Monday will be spent packing and preparing for the drilling program. And then the fun begins…….

In the meantime, if I don’t die of the cold, and if my foot doesn’t explode from the cold, then I should make it home sometime next weekend…….!


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