Holy Moly! It was a bit hard getting up this morning! The bones aching and the muscles complaining – not to mention the bladder with it’s private problems and the…..well……I hate getting old and being so unfit! Plus it’s cold…..and I’m tired…..(*enter whiney voice!*)…… But once we got to the drilling site all the whininess evaporated and I remembered that I am HAVING THE BEST TIME! We drilled two holes and by the end I was able to identify serpentinite confidently. And thankfully there was no asbestos, although we did still wear masks just in case. Today’s drill site was […]


OH GOD I AM SO TIRED!……. But I am having so much fun! Today upon arriving at the drill site after having to stop for Cranberry Juice and Ural (don’t ask – it happens to me in the field all the time!), I immediately located a potential free-pee tree…..but as I got closer it kind of lost points in the rating……you can see why! Yeah…..I think that’s a dead cat – but it looks like it kinda just fell out of the tree and got stuck! It had me entranced for a while…..and then I had to choose another free-pee […]


The countryside is just stunning…… I think I’m falling in love with outback NSW. The colours change with the sunrise, the granites cast purple glows and the sky is always changing. But today we had rolling mists, fog in the valleys…..and it was cold! Crisp and cold! Gawd….it’s just beautiful! We set up the drilling rig as the sun rose over the mists. The cows once again graced us with their presence – I swear the pressure of having them watch us constantly, I feel the need to break into a song and dance repeatedly. If I was a paranoid […]


Today was…….frustrating……! Finally we were all set to drill. 7am – bright eyed and bushy tailed, we started out to the first drilling site – hole 1 of 10 holes, 30 metre depth per hole. So overall, the program plans to drill 300 metres. I was so eager and looking forward to learning how to do drill logs and describe the geology of drill samples. It was freezing when we arrived at the first drill site – the wind chill factor was enough to make my nose feel as though it belonged to someone else! The cows immediately began eating […]


Oh My Giddy Aunt! I have had the BEST DAY EVER!!!! This morning after packing the car, my Long Suffering Mentor surprised me with a visit to the Young Magnesite mine. It was so good to get out of the warehouse and see some landscape. Young, NSW is stunningly beautiful with it’s rolling hills, green pastures and beautiful gum trees. We saw a lot of kangaroos and wallabies, but no wild pigs, much to Jason’s relief! Donning our hot pink hard hats, we met up with Kevin, who has been running the mine forever! The magnesite mine consists of rock […]


Today I had the BEST day! Today we had to get rid of the huge bulka bags – the ones that were chocka block full of dirt! The process of doing this involved raising the bulka bag onto a forklift and moving it over a tipper truck. We then cut the bottom of the bag and emptied it into the tipper truck……sounds easy huh? It was dirty, nasty, dust up the nose, eyes streaming, dust in every crevice and orifice. It was also the most AWESOME job in the world. The colours of the different dirt was amazing – some […]


-7 degrees celsius….feels like -11.4 degrees celsius…… Are you KIDDING ME!!! It was so cold I couldn’t feel my face when I walked to the shed! There were frosticles everywhere! Even the locals looked slightly surprised! When I was moving rubbish around from outside the shed the front of my shirt was covered in ice – it looked like I was turning into a snowman! Another day at the warehouse and today it finally felt like we were getting somewhere. The shelves are organised, and although things are not in numerical order they are at least all in the same […]


HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! It’s cold – it is so fricking cold that even the frost flakes are cold! A start of -2.7 degrees Celcius (it would stick a dog to a tree or so my Dear Old Dad would say!) meant that I wore every single layer that I bought with me to the shed this morning, walking through Young looking like a¬†Michelin Man with the locals looking at me with brief disdain! My brain must have frozen a bit because I couldn’t think straight until after my fourth cup of tea. There was frost¬†on EVERYTHING! On the ground, the car, […]